Брошь. Виноградная лоза. Пекинское стекло. Без клейма. Marvella. 70e. США.


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Винтажная брошь “Виноградная лоза”. Необыкновенный дизайн, грозди подвижны. Без маркировки. Опубликована в гиде по немаркированным винтажным украшениям. Размер 6.5х4 см. Украшение американской марки Marvella. Бусинки зеленого цвета, пекинское стекло. Из этой же коллекции есть подвеска.

MARVELLA: 1911 – Present

The Weinrich Bros. Co. was founded by Sol Weinrich about 1911 in Philadelphia, PA specializing in imitation jewelry and simulated pearl jewelry under the name Marvella. Marvella Pearls, Inc. was the name chosen about 1950 and, around 1965, the name was changed to Marvella, Inc. Before World War II, the jewelry consisted primarily of gold plated metal topped with enamel, simulated pearls and plain and faceted beads using brilliant faceted crystal beads with rhinestone roundels as spacers. The beads, called aurora borealis, were of the highest quality with spectacular change of colors. The Marvella jewelry produced used many trademarks. Marks: “Marvella” in script on pearl necklaces, pearl earrings, and pearl bracelets, since Jan. 1911, “Marvella MINERVA QUALITY” for pearl necklaces, pearl earrings, pearl bracelets and pearl brooches and other pearl jewelry with stones since Jan. 1939, “Marvella SIMULATED PEARLS, They’re Nature Dipped” since Jan. 1941, “Marvella Replica of INDIAN OCEAN PEARLS” since 1941, “MARVELLISSIMO” for necklaces, bracelets, earrings, clips, brooches, lockets, finger rings, charm bracelets, and charms since Jan. 1948, “Marvella Pearl Nuggets” since 1948, “Marvella Fabulous” in script since Jan. 1949, “Marvella SNUG-FLEX” since April 1950, “Natura” in script since May 1954, “Natura “95” in script since June 1954, “MARVELLA with a copyright symbol” after 1955, “MATURELLE” for simulated pearls since June 1957, “MARVELLIER” since Jan. 1958, and “MARVELLETTE” since Sept. 1958 “MARVELLESQUE” since June 1958, FRESHURA” since Dec. 1958, “MARVELLESCENCE” on necklaces, brooches, earrings etc. as well as beads, pins and jewelry initials made of or plated with precious metal since June 1963. Marvella Inc. was purchased by the Monet Group in 1981, by Crystal Brands Jewelry Group in 1988 and is now owned by Liz Clairborne Inc. as of 2000 with production moved out of the U.S.A.