Часы. Голубая луна. Kirks Folly. Размер L. США.



Стильный браслет-часы американской марки Kirks Folly! Часы и ремешок сделаны из нержавеющей стали (стоит маркировка дважды, на ремешке и на часах). Луна из стекла (нежно-голубого цвета) и при разном освещении переливается еще несколькими оттенками, улыбается:)). Размер луны 2.5 см. Циферблат часов 1.5 см в диаметре. Японский механизм. Часы декорированы хрустальными стразами.  Браслет размера L. Абсолютно новые, в коробочке и с наклейкой, рабочие. Коллекция уже не производится. Изготовлено в США.

Коллекции Kirks Folly были различной тематики, которая черпалась из фантастики, романтики, историй, сказок, легенд. Причудливые существа возникли чтобы в жизнь каждого покупателя вошло волшебство. Сказочный мир русалок, фей, танцовщиц, ангелов, принцесс, добрых героев обрёл большое колличество почитателей. Их мечты привели их в 1992 в QVC ( Качество, Ценность, Преимущество). Первое собрание драгоценностей Kirk`s Folly было распродано на QVC за 40 минут. Спрос на эти волшебные украшения возрастал с каждым годом. QVC – это самый известный телемагазин в США, работающий 24 часа в сутки и 7 дней в неделю, который охватывает 80% аудитории кабельных сетей, 3 миллиона владельцев спутниковых антен. Коэффициент результативности 2 покупателя в секунду:)). Благодаря QVC Kirks Folly знают все. “Dreams really do come true” – девиз компании (Мечты действительно сбываются).

Mark:   Kirk’s Folly  

Kirks Folly fabulous jewellery. American company Kirks Folly, producing fabulous jewelry for 35 years, closed November 1, 2014, to the misfortune of its fans. It was success that made a profit. There were adult successors who could continue the business. Well, why then the company closed? I find only one answer – the favorite child, which they developed for 35 years and in which they have invested so much time, love and life, they could not trust anyone. History knows many examples when the control over the company changed owners and was sold, or remained only its name, which over the years lost its former appeal. Managers began to save, alternated with designers and grandeur go into oblivion. Apparently this fate the Kirks family did not want for their company.

Pictured in white (left to right) Jennifer, Helen, and below Nancy Addison (partner and a friend, a professional model). Nancy worked for the first few years

Getting to know the history and Kirks Folly jewellery will not leave anyone indifferent, for sure it will be love at first sight. Two young American women very pretty sisters Helen and Jennifer Kirk in 1979 merged into a creative alliance. The start was like Hand made. Helen was responsible for the design and Jennifer for the implementation of created products. And they did not create jewelry, not enchanting brooches, but accessories and hair ornaments.

They created themselves, selling it themselves. Great bands, headbands, barrettes, hairpins, all kinds of clips, bows and ribbons. Along with the tapes, rubber bands and traditional fabrics used feathers of various birds, faux pearls, crystals, shells, fur, plastic tubes, wooden buttons. A lot of that was unusual, not typical, but overall looked amazing.

After some time, the talent did not go unnoticed and designers began to buy goods, and after some time the contract was signed with the trade mark Bloomindagles.


April 19, 1980 was released first major article about the company, on the front page of The New York Times. On a photo of Jennifer. The article was called “Hair jewelry from a Threesome”. It was the first big recognition.

Page of Vogue early 1980s

Page of Vogue early 1980s. The company began making brooches. On the model, not all brooches by Kirks Folly, but the largest ones – their production.

In the early 80s the family business joined brother George and sister Elizabeth Kirk. Even their mother supported the family business, and as an opportunity to help children. A great example of unity and understanding in the family! Everything worked well and was fruitful. The company opened a small production. Almost everything was done manually.

Kirks Folly specialized in the manufacture of costume jewellery and accessories. The expression “Dreams really do come true” is the motto of Kirks Folly. History of magical, enchanting, whimsical jewelry of this brand began in 1979 in New York, by a brother and three sisters – George, Helen, Jennifer, Elizabeth.

Their inspired fantasy created a sparkling world full of fairies, angels, mermaids, mystical creatures and graceful dancers. The first jewels of Kirks Folly, put up for auction QVC, were sold out for 40 minutes. All work not only with fantastic design, but also made with impeccable quality, which is evident in the smallest details.

Angels, lovely fairies, mythical animals, magical mermaid amazingly beautiful flowers, fairy-tale characters – a world of magic and fantasy dreams!